who we are

We create original artwork and premium reproductions for modern and everyday living. We want to connect with you by designing something that brightens your space, your day and your life. Accessibility and quality are two very important values of our business. The idea of Koketi is simple: create unique art to all art lovers, with a promise that you will enjoy it for years to come!



I am the illustrator and impressionist painter at Koketi Studio. I moved from Brazil 20 years ago with my husband and a luggage full of big dreams. Today, our life wouldn’t be complete without our twins and studio mascote, Willy. 

I studied and worked as a copy writer in Brazil and a graphic designer in the US. On a less formal trainning I took many online courses and spent countless hours improving my technique.

Nature has always been an escape and a source of inspiration for my art. Traveling feeds my thirst for diversity and wonder. Family keeps me grounded and it is my steady road to quietude. So when I paint I hope you can cross the oceans with me, embrace life’s perfect imperfections, and make meaningful connections through my brush strokes and the touch of my hands.


rachel tofoli

Born and raised in Brazil with daily doses of sand and ocean, moving to California was an exciting new source of Vitamin D. Twenty years later, I’m still in SoCal enjoying sunny days with my husband, our two spirited boys and fur-baby, Dash.

Music is my therapy. I love traveling and design equally and find I’m most happy when among the trees. My educational background is a vessel of interests: two Bachelor degrees (in Psychology and Music), some theater, graphic design, and self-absorbed hours admiring beautiful art and interior spaces. I truly believe that art, in all forms, is a powerful language that needs no translation.

My work at Koketi Studio is to ensure quality is achieved, clients are happy and true connections are built. I’m always here to chat, never tired of finding solutions.

Our art always comes from a happy place

Our shapes are bold, our marks are free and the colors are abundant. We use paint, collage paper, pen, charcoal and ink (honestly, anything we can get our hands on!). Muted or bright, small or big… it doesn’t matter. Each piece is a reflection of who we are and illustrates the complexity of our beings.